Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mountain X Reader Comment Alert

The comments section of the Citizen-Times and Mountain Xpress are full of name-calling, bloviating and pontificating. 

And I read them compulsively..

Occasionally there are bits of information that fill in a blank left by the reporter or opinion writer.  Tim Peck added a comment to a letter by Andrew Biazis about the Airport Authority Board's Hawaii junket in the January 20, 2010, Mountain Xpress which gave some colorful detail.

Biazis' letter, incidentally, was almost a repeat of what the Candler resident had written in the January 17 Citizen-Times.  Should MX editors have caught the duplication?  Do they read the Citizen-Times?  Does Macy's tell Gimbel's?

So, while there was nothing new in the letter, Peck gave us a link to Susan Fisher's son's Facebook album of photos from their "Hawaii Family Vaycay, January '10." 

Rep.  Fisher may have thought it was a business trip but the other members of her family saw it differently.  Son got pix of the protesters greeting the family on their return to Asheville but forgot to take any shots of Mom hard at work at conference meetings and brokering deals for the airport.

To access the link, you'll need to register with Facebook.  Free and quick.  And you probably should be quick, before Mom tells Son to either take the pictures down or lock 'em down behind a privacy wall.

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