Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mountain Xpress Will Strive Harder

RandomAsheville wasn’t the only reader to notice that the Mountain Xpress Wedding Guide issue depicted white heterosexual couples almost exclusivelyA letter writer in the February 24 issue also took them to task for that and other misdemeanors against diversity:  "As a publication with a stated mission to "honor diversity, build community, and strengthen democracy," I think Mountain Xpress can do better to recognize its journalistic obligation to represent more than one demographic.”

The editors felt chastened and responded: “We agree that we can do a better job of reflecting the full diversity of our community, and we'll strive to do so.

No specifics yet.  Meanwhile, a RandomAsheville leader left this comment:

“Mountain Xpress is ‘white’ in its coverage and that's no surprise. Do they even have any staff that's not white? A single staff writer who's not white?

African Americans are featured if they're musicians or complaining about the police. Entertainers or victims. Not a good mix.

The paper is liberal, but not as bloody liberal as they think they are.”

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